REFER Telecom shares experience with RFF - Réseau Ferré de France


In the scope of the consulting service provided by REFER Telecom to UIC - International Union of Railways, a model document on the adoption of telecommunications networks based on IP technology (Internet Protocol) to support railway telecommunications was produced.

This document was an important milestone for the railway community and the French identical entity to REFER, RFF - Réseau Ferré de France, suggested a workshop in Portugal on this issue.

The event was held at REFER Telecom facilities in Lisbon and a French delegation was present which included, among others, Managers of the areas of Engineering, Operations and Maintenance of telecommunications and ERTMS - European Rail Traffic Management System from RFF, with the purpose of transmitting and sharing experience on the project and implementation of IP networks in Portugal.
At the end of the works, a visit was made to the Operating Control Center in Lisbon where the members of the French delegation had the chance to see the solutions implemented in operation.

This type of action has contributed for the international recognition and projection of REFER Telecom as an entity with recognized skills in the development and implementation of technically advanced solutions in the field of railway telecommunications.