IP Telecom, an IP Group company, is a telecommunications operator and provider of data centre and cloud computing services, exclusively focused on the business market.
The skills in the structuring and development of technological solutions, acquired over the course of its history, give IP Telecom attributes of differentiation and quality of service, recognised by the high loyalty percentage of its customers.
IP Telecom is a company certified according to ISO 27001. It is a member of several cybersecurity organisations, and considers it fundamental to independently demonstrate the importance it places on the information security of its customers, in particular its operational and application processes supporting the cloud solutions, hosting and housing services, as well as at the Lisbon, Viseu and Porto data centres. 
Infraestruturas de Portugal is the sole shareholder of this company operating in Portugal since 2000.


Ensure the supply and delivery of information technology and communication systems and services, based on innovative solutions focused on cloud technologies and security and the main national telecommunications infrastructure, based on optical fibre and the roadway technical channel, for the corporate market and State organisations.



Be one of the national leaders in innovative business solutions in terms of information technology and communication systems.



IP Telecom, S.A. is committed to conducting its business efficiently, taking on the commitment to its customers and other stakeholders of continuous improvement, ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory, contractual and other requirements applicable to its activity, products and services.

The top management of IP Telecom, S.A.:


Commitment to customers:

  • Satisfy the needs of its customers by fulfilling the defined requirements for the products and services provided, continuously improving their quality.
Commitment to the shareholder:
  • Maintain and improve the management system and the processes that integrate it, ensuring its alignment with the company strategy;
  • Achieve the objectives and targets according to the management model implemented and implement regular control/review mechanisms;
  • Improve the efficiency of its activities and focus on the diversification of sources of income and markets as well as ensure the profitability of all the assets placed under its responsibility, thus contributing to the preservation of the company's financial autonomy.
Commitment to employees:
  • Promote the enhancement of employees through training and awareness raising, ensuring their skills are adequate to the functions they perform;
  • Invest in the systematic protection of the health of its employees and increasingly adequate and safe working conditions, in order to prevent damage to health and injuries.
Commitment to information security:
  • Preserve company information regarding confidentiality, integrity and availability, as well as protect its information assets from all unauthorised access;
  • Ensure the maintenance and continuous improvement of its Information Security Management System for the protection of its information assets, the continuity of its business and the mitigation of its risks, preventing information security incidents and reducing their potential impact;
  • Ensure that all teams are committed to complying with information security requirements;
  • Ensure the establishment, maintenance and testing of business continuity plans;
  • Ensure the definition and periodic review of the information security objectives.
Operational commitment:
  • Ensure compliance with the service levels;
  • Systematically act on the risks associated with the activities, defining the necessary actions to mitigate those risks;
  • Report and investigate all incidents related to the management system.
Environmental commitment:
  • Promote the reduction of impacts related to the management and development of the telecommunications network;
  • Develop its activity according to the principles of pollution prevention and the rational use of resources, in particular energy, as well as using the best available technology.
Commitment to partners:
  • Promote a relationship based on legality, loyalty and ethics and establish mutually beneficial partnerships that promote the development of the national economy.
Commitment to the community:
  • Contribute to the promotion of an economical and secure telecommunications alternative that contributes to the sustainable development of the country;
  • Technically support solutions that facilitate and enhance mobility.